Health & Safety
Health and Safety at Presaddfed
Presaddfed Equine
Health and safety policy Indoor school & livery yard
Our Responsibilities
At Presaddfed Equine we wish to maintain a very high standard as far as Health Safety and Welfare is concerned. A safe environment enhances enjoyment and the learning experience. We recognise it is the legal responsibility of the owners and all employees to contribute to the safe running of Presaddfed Equine and to be aware as to the importance and continuous maintenance of the policy.
Visitors Responsibilities
Individual and group safety is paramount. To this end visitors, especially parentsand those in “loco parentus” who have responsibility for young people under the age of 18 years, also have a part to play. If you become aware of any issue which you feel may have a bearing on anyone’s safety please inform the “Responsible Person”, or in their absence the “Designated Assistant,” without delay. If you become aware of anything which you feel might present serious and imminent danger to any person, stop the activity immediately and seek advice.
Each member of staff and trainees will be taken through our Induction Process
and issued with the following:
1. Stable Yard Rules
3. COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Assessment
All these documents should be read and signed by all.
Responsible Person
Miss Jennifer Peters has overall responsibility for ensuring this policy is
Designated Assistants
Mrs Emma Jones together with part and full time Staff and Instructors at
Pressaddfed Equine will assist Miss Jennifer Peters with all aspects of the implementation of the policy.
Qualified First Aiders
Miss Jennifer peters qualified BHSAI and First Aid
Recording and Dealing with Accidents
All accidents or incidents must be reported immediately and entered in the
Accident Record Book which is kept in the office at the house.
When an entry has been made the parents/guardians concerned are to be shown the entry in the Record Book and both a member of staff and the parent/guardian must sign the entry.
Certain injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences must be recorded in writing by law.
Fire and Emergency Procedure
In the event of a fire the fire bell outside the office must be rung or simply shout “Fire” to attract attention.
On hearing the alarm, everyone present must take direction from the senior/full time staff to determine what action to take with any horses at risk.
A Fire Drill will be practised approximately twice yearly. The Fire Assembly Point is to the Main Car Park.
Fire Action notices are posted in various places around the yard.
In the event of a medical emergency, to horse or human, a senior member of staff should be alerted and if necessary an ambulance or veterinarian should be called.
 Medical Emergency drills, like fire, will be held bi-annually.
Note: If calling from a Mobile and you need to dial 999 use the number 112 to ensure that a signal is received.
Reporting Hazards, Near Misses and Dangerous Occurrences
It is the responsibility of employees and working students to safeguard their own safety and the safety of others.
They must work within the guidelines set out in this policy and comply with the regulations for employees.